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SRT Consultation and Energetic Harmonization 70 E/hr .

Liberation/transmutation of memories  including Akashic,karmic, limiting beliefs, codes, etc. 100% personalized and adpated to you and your needs .

Reconnect with your Inner Child and learn to love yourself and listen to your needs: 70E/hr 

Help for Souls  passing on: 30E.

SRT clearing for houses (before a sale and/or helping get a loan), companies, organizations 70E/hour. (Ask for a price estimation).

SRT for animals : 70E/hour

SRT Mentoring : 80E/hr

Intuitive coaching : 80E/hour

SRT and Transgenerational (family tree) understanding the challenges and

harmonization  70E/hr

AIC: Accompanied Inner Communication

(face to face) 

Family Constellation work with figurines (face to face) 70 Euros/hour 

Ann King

Certified SRT and AIC Consultant and  Teacher

Don't hesitate to contact me for your free 15 minute consultation !

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